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Amy Simpkins Business CoachOn this page, I’ll answer some of your questions about coaching with me.  If you want to find out more, I invite you to fill out a Catalyst Session application, and we’ll set up a call.

I’m Amy Simpkins — professional business coach and vision architect.  I help my clients strategize and take action to implement their big picture business vision.   As an MIT-trained engineer, I apply proven design methodologies to business development. I see the big picture and help you structure your business strategy so that you can intentionally design a high-impact business for yourself and your clients.

Building a thriving consulting business doesn’t have to be a difficult, lonely journey.  Together, we can build a high-impact consultancy that authentically connects with the clients who need your help and brings in the revenue that you desire.

What type of coaching do I do?

My coaching takes a holistic approach. I provide the structured process that you need to be effective and efficient with your work time, but we also allow for the cyclical nature of life and the evolutionary nature of growth.

As a professional coach, I help consultants, startups, and other business owners build their high-impact business by design. The top three outcomes I deliver for my consultant/startup clients are:

  1. PACKAGING YOUR GENIUS. When you have clarity and consistency in your offerings and messaging, it’s easier for you to sell, for your investors to press the “I believe” button, and for your clients to buy.
  2. LEAD GENERATION AND RELATIONSHIP BUILDING. Intentional, authentic communication builds trust, resulting in higher conversion rates and more referrals, generating unstoppable momentum.
  3. BUSINESS PROCESS AND RHYTHMS. Scalability and strategic planning increases operational efficiency, which means more time in your zone of genius and higher customer satisfaction.

Who is my coaching ideal for?

This coaching is ideal for aspiring and established consultants in growth mode. I work with people in the earliest stages of business building as well as established business owners ready to pivot into a new area and looking for cohesive integration of their ideas.

My clients are smart, driven, curious, enthusiastic, mission-oriented, and ready to press the “GO” button. If you are ready to press that “GO” button, click here to apply for your Catalyst session.

Why do I coach consultants?

Amy Simpkins Business Coach for Consultants

Business is a powerful vehicle for global change, through economic stimulation and putting cash in the hands of people with a desire to do good.

Consultants realize their individual potential and use their most powerful skills to make a difference.

I have worked with health care consultants that help physicians streamline practices and solve simple, yet powerful problems to make sure that people get the care they need.

I have worked with energy consultants who help commercial and industrial sites maximize economic return on their investment in renewable energy technology.

I have worked with a health care device startup revolutionizing sleep apnea treatment and getting life-changing therapy into the hands of patients who need it.

I have worked with UX consultants who helps companies and non-profits create powerful, enjoyable experiences for their customers.

I have worked with sales consultants revolutionizing sales team strategy and training to focus on mindset, healthy relationships, and team building to empower individual sales reps and maximize business results.

Consultants are changing the world while creating the lifestyle they desire, and I am excited and proud to be part of that. I love to see people feeling good and doing good. Empowered, fulfilled individuals build an empowered, fulfilled world.

What makes me good at coaching?

I’m an MIT-trained rocket scientist, and I spent 10 years designing, building, and flying spacecraft of various sorts. My time as an engineer taught me to follow my passion, to let the big picture and the details play together on the same stage, and to integrate qualitative and quantitative elements to solve big problems.

I left the quest for the stars for this new quest for personal freedom and big impact, but I see now that good design is good design, whether you are flying the final frontier or you are building a world-changing business. I’ve taken those same design methodologies that expand humanity’s understanding of the universe and our place in it and I apply them to your business development. This structure creates the space you need to make magic for yourself and your clients.

I strongly believe that coaching microbusinesses of individuals and small teams is about addressing the whole person, including core values, mindset, fear, beliefs, energy, and connection to higher purpose. I’m deeply intuitive and skilled at integrating seemingly disparate parts of yourself into a cohesive whole. This intensely personal work is the most crucial step in business growth for consultants and entrepreneurs.

Am I right for you?

I can help you if…

  • you need rocket-scientist-level brain power on your team
  • Every single client gets individualized, fully-customized proposals for every aspect of their needs and you are exhausted.
  • you are overwhelmed by the options you could offer — your menu of services is a mile long!
  • or you only have one offering… and you’ve had trouble selling it
  • your struggle to articulate the value of your services to potential clients and sales conversations feel difficult
  • you are having a hard time standing out from the crowd
  • you can’t seem to connect with clients who need you
  • you want to be able to confidently lead your customers through the process of working with you
  • it’s midnight and you’re still working, knowing full-well you’ll be up again at 5am. “At what point does this pay off?” you wonder
  • you are ready to press the “GO” button on your business, creating the revenue you want and the impact you’ve been dreaming of

What are some results I create for my clients?

When you work with me you will walk away with:

  • Specific offerings and packages that make it easy for you to sell and easy for your clients to buy
  • Consistency in your messaging
  • A “more than a” marketing strategy that develops deep, authentic relationships with clients who need your work
  • A strategic plan to help your clients press the “I believe” button on your value proposition
  • Sustainable organic growth for your business that happens one manageable conversation at a time.
  • Opportunities for scalability to increase your impact and revenue potential
  • Business rhythms that support structured-yet-flexible progress and maximize time doing what you do best
  • A solid, structured plan to iterate your business plan, creating breathing room for flexibility and new opportunities in your business growth

“My biggest fear before working with Amy was proving that my services and ideas were in demand. The reality is that there’s a big demand for the services I offer and Amy was able to help me see it, prepare for it, and she helped me win my first client within weeks of beginning coaching! Amy is sharp, bright, intuitive, listens well, and reads between the lines. Her Yin side makes her an incredibly powerful listener and nurturer (especially when your fear & self-doubt is super loud). Then, her Yang side kicks into gear helping you put order to chaos, so that you can execute on your ideas.” ~Rachael Tiow, Sales Consultant at Sales Warrior

Amy Simpkins Business Coach for consultants“My consulting intensive was AMAZING! I loved the way we set intentions and the whole process of working together. Amy addressed fears I did not know I had.  I loved that I was able to address my website content and branding updates with ease after our VIP day. I loved Amy’s continued follow-up as I iterate on my business.” ~ Kelly Parnigoni, Health Care Innovator and Consultant at Cadence Healthcare Consulting

“I sought out Amy’s assistance on understanding best practices for optimizing a web conversion funnel process for a medical device industry startup . We were seeing web-based leads that could have been better qualified, and wanted potential solutions. I was pleasantly impressed with her responsiveness to walking through the problem, and Amy provided 3 practical strategies we could use to improve the process, as well as the tools that she’s used to do so. Amy’s pragmatic approach and accessibility were very valuable for us. She brings to the table a ton of knowledge, a straight-to-the-point approach, and a ‘let’s get it done’ attitude.”  ~ Kent Lee, Medical device professional building new therapies from the ground up at Inspire Sleep

What do I do better than any other coach?

Amy Simpkins Business Coach

I combine data with intuition, left-brain logic with right-brain creativity, art with engineering, process with play.

I am the anti-12-step-program.  I am here to guide you with action, focus, and structure, but to do it in a way that serves YOU best – your personality, your desires, and your energy.

I am the torchbearer to show you the path that’s already laid out in your heart — walking that path is the reason you are on this planet. You were born for this.

How does my coaching work?

The best way to find out more about coaching with me is to apply for a Catalyst Session and we can talk about what will best serve you and your team.

I offer fully customized coaching that is tailored to you and your business. My ultimate objective is to see you growing and thriving, and so your coaching package is designed specifically to make that happen for you. I offer several different coaching formats ranging from one-day individual intensives to team building events to year-long journeys.  I offer in-person and virtual options.

Are you ready to press the “GO” button?

Yes? Excellent! Fill out the application below and I’ll be in touch shortly to schedule a conversation.  We’ll discuss what it would look like to work together, and we can go from there.

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