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Amy Simpkins Vision Architect Speaker Workshops Keynotes

Structure and Flow: Harness Natural Cycles for Explosive Growth While Catalyzing Inspiration

Structure enables flow to happen. Flow takes structure to the next level.  And this is how we grow.

Get ready to think hard about how you incorporate structure and flow into your work and life. You have all of the tools you need in your toolbox, and you can bring all of these seemingly disparate parts of yourself to your professional life. Even skills you might not believe you have lie latent inside you.  You can work with your own energy, your own personality, your own humanity instead of against it.  You can feel the freedom and power that comes when you can bring your whole self to work. You only need to make the space for these skills to emerge and to release preconceived notions about how these skills manifest and are useful.

This program will give you simple but powerful tools and frameworks to find this sense of integration in your work and life. By leveraging natural development cycles, you can easily and efficiently increase your impact, catalyze innovation, and fulfill your potential.

The key messages are:

    1. The creative process is predictable and cyclical, but it’s not prescriptive. Accepting and then harnessing the natural ebbs and flows is key to feeling great while doing high-impact work
    2. This cyclical process appears everywhere from academic engineering methodology to the phases of the moon, seasons of the earth, and female physical cycles.  It’s there whether we use it or not.
    3. As we cycle, we move through the knowledge vortex, and the knowledge vortex scopes our work to help us solve big problems.
    4. Good design is good design, and that applies to technical solutions, architecture, art, and business.

This program is perfect for

  • Managers who want to harness the true power of diversity by empowering their teams to bring all of themselves to work
  • Individual contributors who want to level up their productivity, impact, and sense of fulfillment in the workplace
  • Anyone who wants to shift their thinking around what it means to live and work as a fully integrated human being

Engineer Your Business for Profit and Alchemy with Spiral Business Development

So many entrepreneurs expect their business development to be a straightforward, linear process. Sales, marketing, and business “experts” often exacerbate this perception by offering a step-by-step system as a clear path to success. When these prescriptive systems don’t work, you are left feeling stuck, frustrated, and discouraged.

Instead, learn how to embrace the cyclical, organic nature of growth. Harness the power of iteration to generate unstoppable moment and to give the business development process structure while maintaining flexibility and sustainability.

The Spiral Business Development approach is based on proven engineering design practice used to develop the most cutting edge technologies on the planet. Put it to work for your business to jump start your confidence, focus, and clarity.

In this 60-minute presentation you’ll learn:

  • ​How to use a proven design paradigm to move their business forward
  • The anatomy of a cohesive business vision
  • Three simple keys to powerful business strategy
  • A structured process to build and test product and service offerings while generating revenue immediately

From Rocket Scientist to Vision Architect: Opening Yourself Up to New Callings

I was living the dream: designing, building, and flying spacecraft. It was a dream that I had from the age of 12 onward. So why did I feel stuck and unhappy?

In this talk, I share my story of personal revolution and how I leveled up my commitment to live in alignment with my highest values. I made the shift from thinking of my personal and professional development as a long, straight, predictable path, to one of evolution, exploration, and constant growth. And it’s all structured around the framwork of a massive career shift from aerospace engineering to entrepreneurship coaching.

The key messages are:

  • Overcome fear and resistance to live a life in line with your values
  • Allow your personal vision to be iterative and to evolve
  • You are not defined by your job title; instead, your most powerful gifts are useful in many different subject areas.


Amy Simpkins Vision Architect Speaker Workshops Keynotes

Business Architecture Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you take a step back and look at the big picture of your business: where you are, how you got here, and what you really want out of it.  Visions evolve over time and it is both healthy and necessary to reevaluate, adapt, and evolve the vision as you grow as individuals and as a team.  The Business Architecture Workshop provides a holistic view of your business architecture, giving you the clarity you need to move forward confidently, to connect with clients who need your help, to propose bigger and more sustaining contracts, and to scale your business to support your desired lifestyle.

The Business Architecture Workshop is broken into four main objectives:

  • Objective 1: Establish your business foundation, including personal and team values, individual superpower and superpower edges, the big dreams. A solid foundation keeps you grounded in your “why” and helps you design a business that works for you and leverages your superpowers.
  • Objective 2: Package your genius — make it easy for you to sell your services and easy for your clients to buy. We’ll break down your offerings into clear and crisp packages and levels, and let go of what might be holding you back in favor of focusing on your best work and results for your clients.
  • Objective 3: Relationship based sales — find the intersection of your client’s vision and your offerings to maximize impact and sales. We’ll also talk about how to find and reach out to best-fit potential clients and powerfully propose work from a place of support and value.
  • Objective 4: Design the roadmap — We’ll talk about where you go from here, including an introduction to Spiral Business Development (an iterative approach to growth), planning out the first post-workshop action steps, and committing to periodic review of the architecture.

This workshop is available in 5 hour and 9 hour formats. It is powerful for both individual business owners or small teams of 2-10.

Design Thinking Workshop

This workshop is a crash course in how to think differently about providing high-impact solutions for your clients and to think iteratively about the design process.  Building a business is an exercise in design, just as much as any engineering, architecture, or art project.  As a professional, you are constantly innovating to provide custom solutions for your clients.  In this workshop, we combine Design Thinking principles from Stanford’s d.school with heavy influences from Agile and spiral design methodologies, to help you take value creation to the next level.

The Design Thinking Workshop is broken into three main objectives:

  • Objective 1: Why Design Thinking?  In order to see the value of design thinking in your business, you must see your business as an exercise in design.  We’ll provide a thorough introduction to the principles behind Design Thinking and Spiral Business Development and why they are so important.
  • Objective 2: Learn the Design Thinking Process — The bulk of the workshop will be spent doing hands-on practical exercises and experiments to get you thinking outside the box, and disruptively innovating to solve the wicked problems.
  • Objective 3: Moving Your Business through the Knowledge Vortex — We’ll wrap up by discussing solution maturity using the Knowledge Vortex, which is the key to scaling your business.  We’ll also cover the tension between structure and flow, between reliability and viability, and how to remain adaptive and sustainable using iteration.

This workshop can be adapted to time frames from 90 minutes to 9 hours. It is powerful for both groups of individuals or small teams.

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About Me:

Amy Simpkins International Speaker

Amy Simpkins is a coach, international speaker, and vision architect for professionals and business owners.  She is on a mission to help you intentionally design fulfilling, high-impact work that leverages your natural cycles of ebb and flow.

As an MIT-trained engineer, Ms. Simpkins architected complex missions to outer space. Now she’s applying those proven design methodologies and big-picture mindset, infusing them with a heaping side of intuition and soul, and putting it all to work to get you the clarity, confidence, and momentum you need to thrive. She geeks out about Design Thinking and Iterative Development, spirals are her favorite shape, and she loves seeing patterns emerge in seemingly unrelated subjects.

Ms. Simpkins holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Master of Science degree in Astronautical Engineering from the University of Southern California. She has designed and flown spacecraft for Lockheed Martin and currently leads business development for renewable energy startup, muGrid Analytics.

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  • 11 October 2017 // Westminster, CO, USA. Spiral Business Development: Structure your business so you can go with the flow. At the DaVinci Institute.
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  • 7 March 2017 // ANTWERP, Belgium. Spiral Business Development Workshop at het Bolwerk.
  • 3 February 2017 // OSLO, Norway. Spiral Business Development Workshop at The Kasbah Hub.
  • Atomic Self Paradigm for Level 3 Communications Corporate Speaker Series


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