2018 Nautilus award silver medalist

S p i r a l

A Catalyst for Innovation and Expansion

by Amy Simpkins, innovation catalyst

Embrace your whole self so you can make your unique magic!

Bust the myths that keep you from showing up as your whole self, harness the creative power of your own natural cycles, and get practical tools for building innovative solutions in life and business. Download Chapter 1 of Spiral for free right now!


Welcome to the Spiral path

Spiral A Catalyst for Innovation and Expansion Book by Amy SimpkinsLearn to integrate your whole self into your creative process so that you can make the magic you were born to make. Harness the power your own natural cycles, programmed into your DNA as a citizen of Earth, to bring forth innovation and growth for the future while you feel expansive and whole in the present moment.

Winner of the 2018 Nautilus Awards
Silver Medal – 
Creative Process category

When are you going to stop going through life with one side of your brain tied behind your back?

Discover a new creative framework to help you transform your biggest ideas from imagination to reality, fusing the practicality of engineering design methodology with the magic of alchemy.

Spiral is an epic weaving of threads from engineering, design thinking, spirituality, business, and physics that will empower you as both a business builder and as a human. Rather than a step-by-step process for success that can feel like fighting the tide, this book acts as a guide to building your business on your own terms, in harmony with your own natural rhythms.

Based on her personal experience as a spacecraft systems architect, a serial entrepreneur, and a business strategy coach, Amy Simpkins offers simple-yet-powerful tools to approach the creative process as a whole person. Whether you are creating disruptively innovative solutions, a world-changing business, or a life that lights you up, Spiral helps you integrate all of the random, varied parts of yourself so that you are free to shine your brightest.

Praise for Spiral

“Amy knows her stuff, because she has done it, after doing well in the very demanding environment at MIT and then the space program. She is one of only a few serial tech entrepreneurs who have the ability to synthesize their sustained and varied experiences—left brain and right brain—and present the learnings in ways that others can benefit from as they think about building their own new business. Entrepreneurship and starting new businesses is not for everyone. Reading Amy’s book will help you to decide if you are ready to take the grueling journey.”

~Ken Morse, Serial Entrepreneur, Tech Angel Investor,
Founding Managing Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center

“Amy Simpkins is the Patti Smith of innovation. Like a punk rocker, it’s all about the creation and not about the labels people routinely accept. Spiral is truly new thinking about innovation. I’m intrigued by the approach and will be integrating it into my own tool chest. This is a fresh, direct, personal, insightful, empowering, de-mythologizing, and well-written book about innovation. It’s new, different, and useful; in other words, innovative. I highly recommend it.”

~Gregg Fraley, Author, CEO, and Innovation Consultant

“I wish I had had Spiral as my guidebook to light the way on my own creative journey. This book is a treasure trove abound with perspective shifts, tools, and frameworks that will help you realize that the creative journey matters more than the destination, and that you need not expect to travel that journey in a straight line. In fact, all the best learning, goodness, and revelation happens in the spiral. This is a book you will need your highlighter for, you will want to read it again and again. You’ll be sharing the lessons of Spiral with your children.”

~Julie Neale, Founder, Coach and Community Builder at Mother’s Quest

“This book is unlike any other self-help/business book that I’ve ever read (and I read a lot of them as a publisher of female nonfiction with a focus in self-help!) Somehow Amy has managed to combine left-brain and right-brain brilliance – bringing forth science, spirituality, creativity and psychology, theory and practice, all held together by a strong understanding of business design, and she did this all in one very well-written and easy to read book. Spiral will really help you transform the way you think about what you are trying to do and achieve with your business while providing the tools to help you develop projects and your business.”

~Alexa Bigwarfe, Publisher at Kat Biggie Press,
Speaker & Podcaster

“Amy Simpkins offers us an engaging, personal guide—a kind of companion—in our struggles through the universal phases of development. It may be personal development, or business or product development. She says ‘I believe in you,’ and by the end of her book we feel she means it.

Spiral uses a conversational, personal style, reading easily and quickly but inviting re-reading, which is consistent with her use of the spiral. It is full of practical questions posed to us, drawn from her own experience—a personal journey of a scientist discovering a better creative process, broadly applicable.

I have probably written a hundred business plans, profit and nonprofit. None of them ever happened as planned, but in many cases something did. Spiral describes why.”

~David S. Dayton, Chairman, Clean Energy Solutions, Inc.

“In Spiral, Amy Simpkins passionately shares her insight into the wisdom of cycles. She helps us understand the naturally occurring ebb and flow, whether in our personal or business development, so we not only embrace but engage with these cycles. Spiral teaches us to use the slower, less productive times to recharge so that we move forward during the creative periods and faster in times of growth. This could not have been a timelier read for me during my intentional break from the corporate world.”

~Tamara DaSantos, former Finance Manager, Bell Helicopter

“This book is for anyone who has a dream, life, or vision they fear might be too big or radical. Let Amy help broaden your horizons and dream, live, envision even more with this inspiring and practical book. I appreciate Amy’s holistic approach: building on all of our strengths and perceived weaknesses. As a new entrepreneur myself, I have gained many helpful insights for moving forward with my writing and my business. I resonate very strongly with many of her ideas and revolutionary observations.”

~Crystal Dyste, Author and Indie Publisher, Dyste Writing and Publishing

“I clearly saw what has impeded me in the past—fighting the rhythms, trapped in ‘this or that’ thinking. This new wisdom is now spiraling in my head to support me in utilizing the gifts and wisdom available to me in each present moment and embracing wherever I am. I devoured every word! Amy Simpkins is one badass woman!”

~Shauna Karine

Spiral provides a much-needed framework for sustainable growth, in business and life. Amy Simpkins brilliantly describes how the natural growth cycles support creative processes, business growth as well as personal growth. In this book, she combines science, structure, and engineering with creativity, intuitive wisdom, and spirituality, paving the way for visionary business owners and entrepreneurs of the new purpose-driven economy. A must read!”

~Willemijn Maas, MD, Founder of Elemental Life

“Through a diversity of experiences, Amy Simpkins (an MIT-trained rocket scientist turned serial entrepreneur) brings together a fusion of engineering methodology, business best principles, and emotional connection to create a practical, actionable framework for burgeoning entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.”

~Ben Ruedlinger, Chief of Business Operations at Wistia

Spiral is a book you would do well to cycle through more than once. This fascinating book walks the reader through the iterative process that engineers and tech companies are already using to develop technology, but frames them within a much broader, life-enhancing model. The reader is guided past the technical iterative mechanics of the factory processes and out into the colorful rainforest of creative possibilities.”

~Shannon Scarlett, Principal and Owner, Shannon Scarlett Architects

“Amy Simpkins shows you how to write your own love letter; think about the impossible! Rethink how you see yourself. Learn how to stop the little voice in your head talking you out of your dreams. Spiral will guide you to weave your own path to success. Outstanding read!”

~Christine Daspro, Founder and CEO, Curating Connections

About the Author

Amy Simpkins Author SpiralAmy Simpkins is a coach, tech startup CEO, international speaker, and vision architect for professionals and business owners. She is on a mission to help you intentionally design fulfilling, high-impact work that leverages your natural cycles of ebb and flow. As an MIT-trained engineer, Ms. Simpkins architected complex missions to outer space. Now she’s applying those proven design methodologies and big-picture mindset, infusing them with a heaping side of intuition and soul, and putting it all to work to get you the clarity, confidence, and momentum you need to thrive. She is a messy chef, a world traveler, a taekwondo orange belt, a homeschooling mom of three, and a tough cookie in the Colorado backcountry.